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Bullion Vault (FREE GOLD)
Visit Bullion Vault (FREE GOLD)
Pays: Variable
Online Since: April 2004
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About Bullion Vault (FREE GOLD)

1 gram of FREE gold - claim yours today, worth nearly $40!


I was introduced to BullionVault this week and collected my free 1 gram of gold.  It arrived in my BullionVault account within hours and is now mine and valued at nearly $40 and increasing in value.  It's real gold and is stored for me as part of a gold bar in their vaults.  BullionVault allows me to to trade that gold as the price goes up and down and make it's value grow.

Sound to good to be true?  Well it's not, but there is a slight snag.  There's a minimum withdrawal of $100, so if I want to realise the free gift in real money I will need to fund my account with another $60 or so, before I could withdraw the full $100.

However, in the present financial climate, where the real value of paper money and the money in your bank or savings account is declining in real terms, it's a very good idea to have some of your money these days in gold or silver, and BullionVault is a very easy and flexible way of doing this.  You can add to your deposits any time you like and withdraw funds at any time.  There's a very small fee for buying and selling (0.8% and less for large amounts).

This is not a program, but a real 'bricks and mortar' business with real gold and real vaults in New York, London and Zurich. 

Why are they giving gold away?  To introduce the ordinary person to a very easy way of buying and selling gold, starting with small amounts - this is not normally available, as you usually have to deal in much larger amounts.

I have been tempted by one or two of these gold and silver coin programs that are on the net, but the mark up on their prices is usually very large and the programs are usually MLM, so it's nearly always the admin and the big recruiters that gain.  OK, this company does offer referees 25% of their commission, but it's definitely not an MLM set up.  But you can always ask your friends, contacts and family if they would like $40 of gold for free and make a little more gold for yourself.

It's very ease to register for your free gold - just sign up at and they send you by e-mail a getting started guide, a brochure and details of their charges.

If you wish to fund your account it's by bank transfer only.

BullionVault is owned by Galmarley Limited [name origin], which is company number 4943684 registered in Great Britain.

As at October 2008 the company had 47 shareholders.  For a modest fee you can obtain a full and formal shareholder list, updated annually, from Companies House on

Galmarley's offices are in West London (UK) and we welcome callers by appointment. Our contact details are here.

Our services are delivered to you by our own computer machinery hosted in separate locations in Britain and USA, which we connect to and manage from our London offices.

Galmarley is involved exclusively in gold and gold related information technology. It owns not only but also

The site is a free educational resource for researchers seeking information on gold's monetary history, its modern role, and how it is traded around the world. It was developed and published in 2001/2 and has grown to become one of the most visited and studied gold resources on the Internet.

Feedback from Galmarley's many tens of thousands of visitors inspired the BullionVault service.

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