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Trade Coin Club
Visit Trade Coin Club
Pays: 1% Per Day
Online Since: November 2016
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About Trade Coin Club

I would like to invite you to spend 10 Bitcoins today to secure your future.  See Founders below...

Can't afford that? 
Then I invite you to start with as little as 0.06 Bitcoins.  But I would recommend a minimum spend of 0.3 if possible.

Please read on.  This is for real, as real as it gets. 

My TCC team is part of the company's largest and most successful teams - the Mega team.  I have direct personal access to the very top of the company, and I use it to help my team as needed.

As a team, our mission is to create abundance and save lives around the world.  We are building the Bitcoin Lifestyle globally.  And in the process we are doing our part to make the world a better place to live.  In short, this is a business that's easy to love. 

What is Trade Coin Club and what do we do?

Members use Bitcoins to purchase a trading contract package that lasts from 8 to 12 months.  We pay in with Bitcoins and we are paid in Bitcoins.  Our Bitcoins trade on our licensed high frequency trading robot to trade the Top 10 Crypto Currencies and we are paid the trading proceeds daily.  They average around 1% per trading day.  Most of us compound our earnings to earn more.  Some members also build the customer base of the company and are rewarded with 6 kinds of bonus payments for doing so.
Yes, there are a small number of other worthy online efforts out there, some of which have followed our innovative lead.  But nothing is the equal of TCC - Trade Coin Club - and prove to be inferior in a number of ways, from compensation, to legal considerations, and more. 

This is how I put it to a friend recently:
Trade Coin Club is the best thing since motherhood. 

That's about as concise as I can get.  But, of course, I can elaborate.  Let me start with a few numbers...

31,000 BTC paid in commissions.... in 5 months. 
That's around $95 million usd!
200 BTC in 2 months.... a lady in Nigeria! 
660 BTC in 4 months, my sponsor in USA. 
She is already a dollar multi-millionaire.
Our top earner is at more than 1,900 BTC in 5 months.
(almost $5 million at today's rate!). 
20 members that I know of at over 120 BTC.
Personally, I am among the top 200 and near the top of that number.
Lots of members over 20 BTC, 50 BTC, etc. in a few months.
TCC has shattered the previous records of any shattered networking records.
It is a new standard on the global stage.

And so on... 
We have a world to win. And we have only just begun. 

Critically important, TCC is professionally built by sophisticated, experienced professionals for stability, profitability, legality, and longevity.  Built to last and built to build.   Founders and Leaders are fully transparent and fully accessible.

Passive and Active, of course....

Sure, these big earners above are team builders and are paid from the smartest and most powerful and sustainable referral commissions plan to be found anywhere ever - along with their passive trading earnings too, for sure.

Our passive income from trading the Top 10 Crypto-Currencies with Bitcoins is as good as it gets in a real business with real trading.  Payments vary a lot - it IS real trading - but they average around 1% per trading day.  Of course, the smart member COMPOUNDS regularly, unleashing the amazing power of compounding to multiply their earnings.  Personally, I am compounding around 0.25 to 0.4 BTC daily.  Can you imagine where that is going?!

A Passive Example:
One of my favorite members is a millionaire who has been testing the system 100% passively, with NO referrals, for the last few months.  He started at the (then) minimum 0.3 BTC level and he QUADRUPLED his account in 63 trading days, boosting it only with regular compounding and was automatically upgraded to the Trader (1 BTC) level.  This very smart self-made millionaire is very happy with his results, and says he will take it to the top and beyond. 

TCC Simply put - a little overview...

Why TCC?
It's pretty simple and obvious. 

1.  It's smart to be part of the new Digital Gold Rush - to have BITCOINS and to ride their rise.

2.  It's even smarter to make your Bitcoins create More Bitcoins and TCC is the best most secure way to do it.

Bingo:  That's the essence of TCC and how simple it is.  The rest is just details. 






A little discussion and perspective...

So we are uniquely powerful, and when people build as well as trade we are unmatched in the industry for where we can go with TCC.  That destination can be literally to millionaire status, as has already been proven over and over again, and it remains wide open and available for others too in a few short months if they focus and drive strongly for it.  Plus, since we are designed and built to be long-term stable and profitable, we have time to develop our skills and go to the top.  TCC is the vehicle to go where you want to go.  Your destiny is very much yours to decide and build. 
The fact is that TCC is NOT just "another program" or "the next program."   We are a major innovation in the Crypto Currency Era, a global phenomenon, a new model and standard that has changed everything we thought we knew.  Think about our reality. of what our new facts mean.  Do you get it?  Seriously, if you DO get it, this moment can be your launching pad for an expanded new life.  Then it's up to you.  To pass on it, to sit on it.  Or to think big and to make really big happen....

Those who must come in small, should think BIG from day one.
Those who come in big and think big are on their way to potential fortunes.

To Bring you up to speed with the NOW:


TCC is now more fully open than ever to both the HIGH FLYERS and to the LOW FLYERS.

Flying In Low - the 0.01 (0.06) Plan:

Those with limited funds can now join as Apprentice for only 0.06 BTC (0.01 + the 0.05 one-time software fee).  Of course, small money makes small money, just as big money can make big money.  So the key to enjoying the power of TCC for those coming in so very low, will be for them to start sharing and building a TCC team - the most amazing comp plan to be found anywhere will allow such members to advance into good earning fast and to go far if they so choose. 

FOUNDERS PACKAGE - High Flyers fly higher faster - the 10 BTC Founders Option:

This is the full power kick-starter to get kicked into orbit fast, that's what this looks like, for new and existing TCC members (who are not already Founding Partners). 

I fully expect a gang of new Founders to be coming in, and I've heard that the positions are already half gone.

And why not?  They will be earning daily on double what they would as a Senior Trader, good; they will be able to compound double the amounts too and grow bigger and faster accordingly; and they will be paid the Founders' bonus quarterly. 

Seems a no-brainer if you have the BTC available.  Or if you have friends who can afford it.  Talk about leveraging power in Bitcoins!
Founder Bonus is shared out every 90 days to all Founders from a pool of 2% of Net TCC company earnings.

I have no idea of what the payment amounts will be, but I do know that TCC is very smartly designed to be very profitable so there should be a lot of money in the pool; I also see very strong evidence all around of TCC's very good income and I expect the company to get rich and richer - so the Founder pool bonus payments should be pretty impressive and get better and better from quarter to quarter.

If you or friends have 10 BTC available, Founder positions seem a very smart move. 

Sponsor benefits, of course, are very attractive too, with the direct sponsor earning 1 BTC that can also be put into trading with if one wishes.  So there are gains all around by this smart limited time Founders offer.


We now have a new Trading Option to choose.  We can have the TCC Auto-Trading Robot trade on full Automatic with our preferred risk level - as always - OR we can select Semi-Automatic to have the robot trade on our choice of selectable crypto-coins! 

Semi-Automatic trading is an option we can select on a daily basis, selecting our coin of choice each day.  Members are reporting higher earnings with this option - like double what we earn in fully automatic mode.  However.... they also say you should know something about the coins and trading.  

So there you are! 

I hope you have read this far and have enjoyed this little excursion into new Mind-Blower territory. 

And, of course, I hope you will take off with us in our great leap forward into the good life.  It can be a wonderful ride!

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